In addition to the work they do to protect and enhance the Matanzas Pass
Preserve, the Friends engage in a number of fund raising projects to generate
revenue to support  the Preserve. These projects include:
* An "Adopt-a-Tree" program;
* Plant Sale
* Donations.

Another fundraising effort on the part of the Friends is the "Adopt-a-Tree"
program.  For a donation of $50, one may "adopt"  a tree within the preserve . Click

re to download a copy of the brochure on this program.

A native plant sale will be held in conjunction with the "Visions of the Past"
program at the Preserve on Februrary 27, 2016 from 9am to 1pm. This is your
chance to purchase native plants while benefiting the Preserve. Click here for
more information on the native plant sale.

Finally, the Friends will gladly accept donations for the futherance of the welfare of
the preserve. To make a donation or to adopt a tree, call 239-565-7437 or
click here
to send an e-mail.
Gumbo LImbo Tree--one of four
types that can be "adopted"
To protect, enhance, and educate about the Preserve
Fort Myers Beach
Lee County, Florida
Fundraising Efforts