Members of the Friends removing
exotic plant
Guided tours
Matanzas Pass Preserve is an independent Preserve where all work activities are
under the supervision of a designated Lee County Land Steward.  The Friends of
Matanzas Pass Preserve (the "Friends") has been granted a tax exemption under
the provisions of Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The
Friends are
dedicated to the preservation, protection and enhancement of the natural and
fragile beauty of the Preserve to create a legacy for future generations. Click
to download a copy of a brochure on the Preserve. We have a Board of Directors  
elected annually by the membership.  

As a Citizens Support Organization (CS0), the Friends work with the Lee County
Parks and Recreation Department:
* To provide volunteers to assist in mitigation and restoration activities;
* To conduct interpretative walks in the Preserve;
* To engage in public speaking on matters regarding the Preserve;
* To promote the planting of native plants and trees on Estero Island;  
* To pursue
fund raising to support the Friends' mission.

What We Do
Members of the Friends support a number of activities that further the preservation,
protection and enhancement of the Preserve. For example, such projects include
removing exotic vegatation, planting suitable native trees and plants, and repairing
board walks and trails while participating in bi-weekly workdays. The Friends also
have a strong educational mission that is implemented through a number of
programs including:
* guided nature tours:
* instruction to
college and secondary students on the Preserve's unique
* innovative Earth Education program for elementary students;
* providing speakers to local organizations;
* participating in events like
Visions of the Past;
* publishing a quarterly newsletter, The Mangrove (back issues can be viewed by
clicking in the table below.)
* Carry out fundraising activities like the
Casino Night to better provide activities in
the Preserve.

Application forms to become a member of the Friends are available by clicking
this link:
Membership Application
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