Visions of the Past (2013): A Walk Through History in the Preserve
A "lazy" early settler and his hard-working wife
from the late 1800's.
Calusa Indians (Pre-Columbian)
Pirates Anne Bonny, "Calico Jack" Rackham,
and "friend" (1700's)
1920's Pioneers--he is a descendant of first
settler, Sam Ellis, in 1870.  
The Koreshans owned much of Estero Island
at one time in the early 1900's.
Fort Myers Beach
Lee County, Florida
To protect, enhance, and educate about the Preserve
The volunteers who put on the 2013 version of
"Visions of the Past"
Town Councilman Dan Andre and wife, Tre, who
provided concessions at the event.  
in the 1500's found
Estero Island.
Ponce de Leon was
killed by the
Calusas near here.
Matanzas Pass Preserve put on the Second Annual "Visions of the Past" program. As in 2012, the
program involved directed walks through the Preserve stopping at each of six different stations
where re-enactors presented information on the various groups that have called Estero Island home.
These groups included the Calusas, Spaniard, Pirates, homesteaders, Koreshans, and early settlers.
Below are some photos from this event.