Fort Myers Beach
Lee County, Florida
2013 December Group members and Friends of Matanzas Pass Preserve
volunteeers: (Back row) Roger Johnson and Dorothy Rodwell (Friends), Jayna
Rupley, Sahera Bader, Juliana Guan, Jim Rodwell (Friends), Katie Zarada,
Samantha Sick, Yoyo Negga, Jessie Lusk.
(Middle Row): Avni Patel, Avery Cantrell, ChiChi Okeh, Alex Pierce, Helen To, Devan
Gardner, Lauren Lim.
(Front row): Yan Ying, Anudeep Neelam, Cedric Maligaya, Ian Crosby, David Lee,
Peter Liaw.
Other photos show the group at work clearing exotic vines and tree limbs from the
Preserve. For more photos, please visit our Facebook page at
To protect, enhance, and educate about the Preserve
Go Dogs!! Woof! Woof!
2013 Christmas Break Group
UGA Students at dinner hosted by retired
UGA Professor Dr. Patrick McKeown and
his wife Carolyn.